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Record of the Lodoss War TV DVD Collection

Record of Lodoss War: TV DVD Collection

Record of Lodoss War: TV DVD Collection

Region: 1
Language: English/Japanese
Distributor: Central Park Media
Run Time: 620 min
Release Date: 10/17/2000


Five years past, a band of six adventurers defeated the conquering armies of Marmo, the dark island, and saved the accused island, LODOSS. Since that day, the survivors have been honored as heroes, and their deeds have become legends. But the darkness never perished... Now, a mad wizard threatens to raise an ancient evil - the goddess of destruction. Old heroes must heed the call to defend their homeland and new heroes are forged as the battle for LODOSS begins anew.

For those that are curious to the difference between the OVA and the TV series, here it is. The OVA follows the original chronicals up until episode five. Due to the fact that the studio wanted to keep the number of episodes low, they took the ending from the chronicals, and applied it to the current cast of characers. They did this so they wouldn't have to introduce the other entire set of characters.

The TV series was created to correct this, and to show what really transpired according to the original author. So if you have watched the OVA's previous to watching the TV series, you might be confused at first. I had a little bit of an adjustment period to get used to the new to me plot and characters.

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