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Mobile Suit Gundam

First Gundam | 08th MS Team | 0080: War in the Pocket | 0083: Stardust Memory | Zeta Gundam | Double Zeta | Char's Counterattack | Formula 91 | Victory Gundam | Mobile Fighter G Gundam | Gundam Wing | After War Gundam X | Turn A Gundam

Mobile Suit Gundam, is one of anime's most popular and longest running series, ever. The series was first introduced into Japan in 1979 as a 43 episode TV series. Though it didn't take off at first, eventually Mobile Suit Gundam became the standard in Mecha anime. Its creators, Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yadate have created a force only comparable with Star Wars in the States.

Mobile Suit Gundam has been a presence for more than 20 years. Mobile Suit Gundam is comprised of 8 television series, and 6 OVA's. It is subdivided into two parts the UC (Universal Century series') and the Alternate Universe series'. The UC is the main part of Gundam, which was created by Hajime Yadate and Yoshiyuki Tomino, and the Alternate Universes were created to give Gundam back some of its previous spark. For this outsiders (directors, producers, etc.) were allowed to try there hand at a Gundam series. There are three Alternate series': Mobile Fighter G Gundam, New Mobile Report Gundam W (Gundam Wing), and After War Gundam X. As for UC Gundam, There are only a couple releases that are domestically available: the Mobile Suit Gundam trilogy (I, II, III), War in the Pocket: 0080, and Stardust Memory: 0083.

With the success of Gundam Wing on Cartoon Network, Bandai is working on bringing the rest of the Mobile Suit Gundam world to the U.S. Though currently it seems that Sunrise Inc. is giving Bandai some problems. It seems that Sunrise doesn't want to give Bandai the license to release the original japanese track with the upcoming DVD release of "First Gundam" (the original series taking place in UC 0079). Without this japanese track, many hardcore gundam fans will not be happy, and will probably not buy the DVD.

Release Dates - DVD

.Hack//Sign #3
.Hack//Sign #4
Ai Yori Aoshi #3
Ai Yori Aoshi #4
Ai Yori Aoshi #5
Aura Battler Dunbine #1
Cardcaptor Sakura #16
Cardcaptor Sakura #17
Chobits #3
DBZ Movie #8
Full Metal Panic! #2
His and Her... #4
His and Her... #5
His and Her... Box
Ninja Scroll #1
Noir #4
Noir #5
Please Teacher #2
Please Teacher #3
Project Arms #6
RahXephon #4
Ranma ½ Box Set #6
S-Cry-ed #1
SDK #1
SDK #2
Twelve Kingdoms #1
Twelve Kingdoms #2
Voices of a Distant...
X TV #6
X TV #7
YUA the Movie

Release Dates - Manga

Berserk #1
Escaflowne #1
Escaflowne #2

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