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Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta

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TV Series - 50 Episodes

Mobile Suit Gundam Zeta, was the first TV series after the original series. This series is a very well liked series, and I am patiently awaiting its arrival to the States. Which will take some time on Bandia's part.

The series takes place in Universal Century 0087, seven years after the end of the OYR (One Year War). The Earth Federation has created an a group of elite soldiers to combat any Zeon uprisings so as not to have any more incidents such as Operation Stardust. This group is called the Titans, and was formed quickly after the incidents of Stardust were over.

The Titans are very ruthless, and believe themselves to be better then the other Federation soldiers and officers. This is very noticeable early in the series. The Titans will stop at nothing to fulfill their plans. Even killing an entire colony of civilians, but this doesn't go unnoticed. The AEUG (Anti-Earth Union Group) is formed to combat the Titans.

The AEUG has some familar characters within its ranks. Noah Bright returns as the commander of the Agama. Quattro Bajina is also member of the AEUG (this name might not be familiar to you, but don't be alarmed it is Char Aznable in disguise). Camille Vidian, is also a pilot for the AEUG. He is the pilot for the Mark II and Zeta Gundam.

The Beginning

The series starts out in a rather familiar place, Side 7. It is here, Green Noah I and Green Noah II (called Grips I,II by the Titans) that the Titans have formed a secret mobile suit research facility. The Titans have also developed a new Gundam called the Mark II. The AEUG have heard rumors of the Titans new suits, and decide to see for themselves. It is here that we meet Camille Vidan, the son of two of the engineers responsible for the Mark II.

Camille decides to skip his karate class for the chance to meet Bright Noah, the former captain of White Base, who just arrived at Grips I. While trying to meet Bright Noah, Camille encounters serveral Titan's. One of them by the name of Jerid, jests about Camille having a girl's name, which intern sets Camille off. Camille gets several blows in before he is subdued by the Titans. Camille is then taken to an interrogation room, but is able to escape when the pilot of Mark II unit one crashes into some buildings causing for alarm between the Titans.

More to come...

Earth Federation

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Earth Federation

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