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The Vision of Escaflowne

Story | Characters

Volume 1: Dragons and Destiny

Volume 1: Dragons and Destiny

Region: 1
Language: English/Japanese
Distributor: Bandai
Run Time: 100 min
Release Date: 10/03/2000

1. Fateful Confession
2. The Girl From the Mystic Moon
3. The Gallant Swordsman
4. The Diabolical Adonis

A world is dying... torn apart by a colossal war, the planet of Gaea is in turmoil. Civilizations have been wiped out, and more are ready to fall. But a girl could change all that. An ordinary girl, Hitomi finds herself suddenly transported to the mysterious planet of Gaea, where the Earth hangs in the night sky. A planet filled with magic, strange technology, and legendary armor. She doesn't know it yet, but her special abilities could be the key to saving an entire planet.


Music Videos:
1. Yakusoku wa Iranai (non-credit opening)
2. Tomodachi
3. Aoi Hitomi
4. Hikari no Naka e

These music videos, with the exception of the first one, can be watch with the Japanese romanji (text, non-symbol) subtitles. To do this, when you are on the main menu, if you bring the cursor over to the music video selection you press the left arrow/button, will bring up a green kanji symbol. This indicates that you have selected to watch teh videos with the romanji subtitles.

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Production Info:

Planning: Sunrise
Story: Hajime Yatate, Shoji Kawamori
Series Story Supervisor: Shoji Kawamori
Director: Kazuki Akane
Character Design: Nobuteru Yuuki
Mechanical Design: Kimitoshi Yamane
Design Assist: Mahiro Maeda, Hiroyuki Hataike, Shingo Takeba, Junya Ishigaki
Mechanical Director: Hirotoshi Sano
Art Director: Junichi Higashi
Music: Yoko Kanno, Hajime Mizoguchi
Music Production: Victor Entertainment


1. Fateful Confession
2. Girl From the Mystic Moon
3. The Gallant Swordsman
4. The Diabolical Adonis
5. Seal of Brothers
6. Capitol of Intrigue
7. Unexpected Partings
8. The Day the Angel Flew
9. Memories of a Feather
10. The Blue-eyed Prince
11. Prophecy of Death
12. The Secret Door
13. Red Destiny
14. Dangerous Wounds
15. Lost Paradise
16. The Guided Ones
17. The Edge of the World
18. The Gravity of Destiny
19. Operation Golden Rule of Love
20. False Vision
21. Reaction of Fortune
22. The Black Winged Angel
23. Storm of Premonition
24. Fateful Decision
25. Zone of Absolute Fortune
26. Eternal Love

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